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At one home solution, we believe in a modern approach to home maintenance. We are focused on building strong relationships with you & your home. We were founded on the belief every homeowner deserves a stress-free way to maintain their home. We are solely dedicated to providing reliable and affordable home maintenance & repair solutions to our members. 


It’s a new way of approaching things and we can't wait for you to experience the joy that comes with a One Home Membership.

What We Do

We save homeowners time and reduce the stress associated with home maintenance and repairs, forever. 


We provide homeowners peace of mind with time and cost saving solutions.  With our easy to use services and dedicated team of trade professionals we’re more than just your trusted maintenance solution - we're your partner in managing your home. 


One Home vs The Competition

There are a lot of ways to take care of your home, but nothing quite like One Home Solution. See what makes us the smart choice for homeowners everywhere.

Man on phone with leak in ceiling

Home Warranty

Only Helpful After Failure

Waiting for contractor to arrive

Service Provider 

Will they ever show up?

Putting furniture together

Handy Man

Is my handy man qualified?

DIY Plumbing fail


I think I can fix it

One Home was highlighted in a feature segment on the ABC4 morning show 'The Daily Dish'

One membership. Endless solutions.

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One Home Team Spotlight

One Home Technician_Salvadore


Property Care Specialist

Meet Salvadore - a One Home Property Care Specialist. He's a wizard with any tool and if you have a problem it's nearly guaranteed he can fix it. With an incredibly long career in construction and home maintenance his experience is second to none. 


- Start date: March 2021

- Hobby: On the weekends we go to the mountains and picnic with my family

- Favorite band: CCR/ZZ Top/Kiss

- Coffee or tea: Coffee

- Dogs or cats: I love animals, I prefer dogs

- Mountains or ocean: Fresh air in the mountains and the wildlife

- Soccer or football: Soccer

- Halloween or Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving – I love the reunions

- Netflix or read a book: Netflix

- Winter or summer: Summer

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