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10 Reasons You Need Handyman Services from One Home

Does a loose baseboard have you worried or is that leaky faucet in your guest bath triggering stress? Unexpected home repairs cause headaches, especially when you lack a go-to fix-it pro that inspires confidence. Keep reading to discover the 10 biggest benefits of having a dependable handyman from One Home Solution in your corner.


Time Savings

Instead of researching how to replace a stubborn light fixture on your own, reliable handymen have the knowledge to fix issues rapidly, saving you time and money. Avoid learning curves or investing in a project when a pro already possesses specialized skills.


Prevent Bigger Headache

Minor-issues turn MAJOR fast when you try quick-fixes. One Home Solution technicians are trained to see problems before they turn into major issues. We can help halt the onset of real damage in its tracks before things escalate causing safety risks or budget pains.


Quality of Life

Silencing screeching dryer belts or showering again thanks to functional plumbing restores your home to a sanctuary. Our team of skillful handymen love returning broken abodes to fruitful places of relaxation.



Ever been burned by a contractor or handyman who comopleted a job, but left you with an expensive bill and shoddy work? Working with a vetted professional and a company like One Home Solution is the #1 way to avoid this trap.


Quality Guarantee

Reputable handymen offer guarantee safeguards if repairs fail, giving peace of mind that any lingering issues won’t turn into out-of-pocket nightmares. Check out our quality guarantee for further proof not all handymen are created equal.


Upfront Pricing

A handyman you can trust will provide fair quotes upfront so you can approve jobs without guessing games or surprises after time and supplies were already purchased. How about a low hourly rate you can count on? One Home members benefit from transparent pricing. We don't hide fees or make it confusing.


Fully Equipped

Skipping trips to home centers is a major relief. Have you ever wandered the aisles hoping to find someone in an apron that will help? That is no way to spend your precious weekend time. One Home Solution technicians arrive with a stocked tool chest and they know how to use those tools to quickly solve your issues without resource roadblocks.


Code Competency

Trustworthy handymen hold intimate knowledge of building codes and safety standards, ensuring repairs meet governmental compliance rather than cut corners. Your home is not only your sanctuary, it's the largest investment you'll ever make. Don't corners on hoping to save a buck.



Many headaches come from the mess left behind by amateurs. As a One Home Member respect for your space is at the top of our list. We won't just clean, we'll leave the space in better condition than we found it and that's a guarantee.


Referral Networks

Need a specialty subcontractor beyond typical repairs? One Home Solution has a wide range of vetted partners who are experts across the entire home. As a member we'll coordinate the entire process and act as your project manager, so you never have to lift a finger from sourcing to onsite management, we handle it all.


When household repairs and projects pile up, DIY can seem like the convenient choice initially. However, saving time, money and frustration in the long run relies on turning to a thoroughly vetted professional you can trust instead. One Home Solution provides members direct access to our roster of fully insured One Home Technicians. They have the skills and knowledge to tackle any headache (big or small). Our intuitive and comprehensive services give you access to solve a wide range of home maintenance needs - from basic installing and repairs to complex remodels. No job is too small or too large for One Home Solution's Technicians. If you aren’t a member head to our join page and get started today!


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