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Routine Home Maintenance, The Tooth Flossing Of Home Ownership

Frequent maintenance can have a big impact on the performance and value of your home.

You know you should, but you probably don’t…

Unfortunately, even though regular maintenance is crucial to protecting your home, many homeowners neglect to stay on top of the necessary routine maintenance required around their homes and it often leads to expensive (and shocking) outcomes.

Studies show the average homeowner only spends about one percent of their home's value on maintenance each year, even though experts recommend spending closer to 2 to 4 percent. That number may be a surprise to some homeowners, but the real shock can come when you neglect maintenance or don’t complete routine upkeep and find yourself in the all-to-familiar emergency with expensive emergency repairs.

We know it's easy to put off maintenance tasks or forget about them altogether, especially when you're busy with work, family, and other responsibilities…we get it…. these are the first things to get pushed off when its the weekend and there are so many great and enjoyable ways to spend your free time!

Many homeowners may overlook regular maintenance tasks - but at One Home Solution taking care of your home is our #1 priority.

Here are our TOP 3 ways we go above and beyond to help our members with their recurring service needs.

1. We're Consistent Staying on top of projects is the #1 way to ensure your home gets the ongoing care it deserves and it provides ample opportunity to catch the early warning signs of a pending disaster

2. We Pay Attention To The Changing Of The Seasons When the weather changes so do the needs of your home and they differ depending on the climate & time of year. That's why we prep your home & systems differently for each season - to ensure it is optimized for peak performance.

3. We Are Professionals Most homeowners are not contractors, so while we love YouTube, watching a 3 min video doesn’t qualify you to take care of your home (that you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for). Your home is the single largest investment you'll make - trust it to someone who does this for a living.

For more on recurring maintenance check out our Seasonal Recurring Services Program and the many other ways we can manage all your on-demand and recurring maintenance & repair needs.


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