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The Perfect Choice for Aging Parents

A couple inside their home
Get Mom & Dad off the hook from home maintenance by giving them a One Home Solution Membership.

As our parents grow older, the burden of maintaining their home can become overwhelming. That's where One Home Solution comes in, offering an all-encompassing service that provides peace of mind for both you and your aging parents. Imagine a scenario where your parents no longer have to worry about the leaky faucet in the kitchen or the broken HVAC system during the peak of summer. Even better yet, they won't be calling you to come help! Instead, they can simply open the One Home Solution app, make a request, and know that a vetted professional will handle it promptly.

Take, for instance, one of most recent members who joined. She's a retired schoolteacher in her 70s. Her home, once a place of comfort, began to feel like a burden as small maintenance tasks piled up. But since joining One Home Solution, after he daughter bought her a membership, her life has changed dramatically. She no longer has to juggle multiple contractors or worry about unexpected repair costs. The app-enabled service allows her to easily schedule appointments and access her membership benefits with just a few taps. Whether it’s changing HVAC filters, cleaning dryer vents, or checking drains for debris, she can rest easy knowing that her home is in good hands.


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Financial savings are another significant benefit. Members save over $2000 annually on home maintenance costs. For seniors on a fixed income, this is a substantial relief. The transparent rates and no-cost recurring services mean that there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. Moreover, the seasonal recurring maintenance program ensures that all essential tasks are handled proactively, preventing larger, costlier issues down the line.

Safety is paramount, especially for our aging parents. One Home Solution regularly tests safety devices like smoke detectors and ensures that all critical systems are functioning correctly. This not only reduces the risk of accidents but also provides a comfortable and safe living environment for your loved ones.

One Home Solution’s home health experts understand the unique needs and background of your parents’ home, providing personalized and efficient care.

a One Home Solution membership is the perfect choice for extending the time your parents can spend comfortably in their home. It transforms the daunting task of home maintenance into a seamless, worry-free experience. Make the easy choice for your parents and help them enjoy their golden years in a safe, well-maintained home without the stress of managing repairs and maintenance.

Give your parents the gift of peace of mind and a well-cared-for home with One Home Solution. Join today!

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