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A membership from One Home Solution is your edge over the competition

Give Your Network a Gift They Will Love!

Save $100 on our Annual Plan

The Annual Plan
One Home Solution

Realtor Price




Standard Price


  • Simplify homeownership for new buyers

  • Remain top of mind after sale

  • Deliver the PERFECT closing gift

  • Easily include in your listing agreements

  • Knock-out punch list & updates prior to going live in market

  • Full service repair solution for sellers post-inspection

How it works


Start In Seconds

Head to our JOIN page to initiate a new membership.


Complete the Sign Up

Enter your clients info or direct them to sign-up.


Activate Your Discount

Add your full name into the  REFERRAL box to receive your realtor discount!

One Home Solution provides

Shiny Listings & Simplified Closings

Elevate Your Client Experience and Drive More Business with One Home Solution. Our comprehensive home maintenance service impresses buyers and sellers, and helps you nurture lasting relationships within your referral network.

Closing Gift

Stand out from the competition by offering your clients a One Home Solution membership. This practical and valuable gift will make maintaining their new home a breeze, leaving a lasting impression.

Listing Tool

Leverage our comprehensive home maintenance services to earn more listings. We'll ensure your seller's home is market-ready and appealing. 

Single Solution

Streamline the process for your clients. No more juggling different providers – One Home Solution takes care of everything under one roof.

Time Saver

Preparing a home for listing or addressing buyer-requested repairs post inspection is a race against the clock. We'll effortlessly tackle to-do lists without the stress, keeping transactions moving forward smoothly

Your Client Success Secret

One Home Solution


Simplify Homeownership For Your Buyers

When you recommend One Home Solution to your buyers, you're providing them with a valuable resource for maintaining their home.

How We Help

One Home will simplify the homeownership journey and positions you as an expert - who is tapped into the latest and greatest when it comes to home maintenance This will enhance your reputation as an agent who cares about your clients' long-term well-being.



Remain Top of Mind Long After the Initial Sale

Staying in touch with past clients is essential for building lasting relationships and receiving referrals. However, it can be challenging to maintain this connection after the sale is closed.


How We Help

By gifting clients a subscription to One Home Solution, you're giving them a service can utilize on day one of home ownership. That relief and happiness will be directly connect to your thoughtful gift. 


Increase Your Buyer Referral Network

Referrals are a significant source of business for agents. Satisfied clients who refer their friends and family can help you expand your client base.

How We Help

When your buyers experience the benefits of One Home Solution, they're more likely to refer you to others in their network. By providing a connection to this valuable service you'll increase your clients overall satisfaction. A happy and motivated buyer will only lead to more potential clients and opportunities.

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