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Your Top Home Maintenance Choice

A wide variety of home maintenance services
Take control of all your Home Maintenance needs with one Membership and one provider!

When it comes to home maintenance, you've got options - but traditional services are stuck in legacy behavior. They want to put the responsibility for caring for your home squarely on your shoulders. From early detection to scheduling appointments (We will arrive between 11-4 is NOT an appointment!) - it's all on you the homeowner to manage. Most homeowners don't have the time (or the skills) to manage it all.

One Home Solution is a new way of approaching home maintenance. We are focused 100% on delivery a wide range of time and cost savings solutions for our members.

To help dispel some of the myths around home maintenance we broke down the truth of a variety of other service providers. Check out the info below to see why One Home tops them all when it comes to cost-friendly and time-saving services!

1. One Home vs. Home Warranties

Home warranties might sound like a good idea, but are they rarely provide the kind of ongoing care and coverage you need to keep your home in top condition! Below we have highlighted how a home warranty fails to stack up against the convenience of a One Home membership.

Comprehensive Home Coverage - Home warranties feel like a rulebook with nothing but exceptions. You might feel covered, but once you call and need their help get ready to jump through hoops to prove your claim. With One Home Solution, you get all-encompassing home care without any confusion. We are here to help, not question your policy.

Transparent Pricing - Home warranties love their fees. You've got the monthly/annual fee and then service fees and deductibles (the costs just never seem to end). With One Home Solution, it's straightforward – one subscription and flat hourly rates. Easy on the wallet and never a hidden agenda.

Availability - Waiting for a service provider to show up can be a real downer with home warranties. They have no interest in quickly solving your problems, you are just a number on a spreadsheet. With One Home Solution we are all about you, the homeowner. We make it easy to book appointments and we've got your back 24/7. No more frustrating waiting games.

2. One Home vs. Online Marketplace

Exploring online marketplace providers seems like an easy way to get bids and a trusted support, but what are you really getting with your search? While they offer a wide range of services, most providers are interested in quick jobs and aren't invested in the health of your home or considering your pocket book. Jump below to see how personalized service, cost predictability and instant access with One Home Solution outshines the marketplace approach.

Personalized Service - Online marketplaces are like a buffet; tons of choices, but quality can vary. One Home Solution is your personal maintenance professional – we employ vetted pros who have the knowledge and skills to solve your problems.

Predictable Costs - Prices on online marketplaces are all over the place. With One Home Solution, you know what you're paying upfront. No haggling, no surprises. It's budget-friendly and predictable.

Instant Access - Scrolling through a gazillion service providers on online marketplaces? Time-consuming. With One Home Solution, we are your single source for ALL your home maintenance needs. We make getting the help you need quick & easy without confusion.

3. One Home vs. The Handyman

Handyman services are a go-to for many homeowners, but do they truly provide the expertise and convenience you need? In this section, we'll break down the pros and cons of hiring a handyman and compare them to the specialized skills, budget-friendly rates and the no-waiting advantage of One Home Solution.

Specialized Skills - Handymen are versatile, but not always specialized. One Home Solution gives you professionals with the right skills for each job. No more guesswork, just quality work.

Low Rates - Handymen charge by the hour band that clock keeps ticking even if things get complicated. One Home Solution has fixed rates. Additionally, we have a pro-rated hourly charge - so you only pay for the time we spend working at your home. Now that is wallet friendly!

No Waiting - Handymen have busy schedules and they are quick to stack projects together (you are not their main priority). So while you might be in a hurry, they have a different plan. With One Home Solution, you schedule on your terms and our team is standing by to respond when you need us. We put the power and time back in your hands.

4. One Home vs. DIY

The DIY spirit can be empowering, but it's not without its challenges. Should you tackle home maintenance projects yourself, or is there a better way? We highlight how One Home is the clear winner when it comes to the DIY weekend warrior spirit.

Pro Support - DIY projects can be fun, but they can also be a headache if you're not experienced. Watching videos on YouTube and asking your 'Handy' Uncle for tips isn't a way to care for your home. You want to protect that investment and the best way to do that is with professionals. One Home Solution provides pro support without the hassle. No more DIY stress.

Predictable Expenses - DIY can be budget-friendly, but mistakes are the norm when you are taking on projects you don't really understand. Factor in securing additional tools and materials and the costs start to add up. One Home Solution gives you predictable costs with no surprises.

More Free Time - DIY projects can drag on, especially if you're learning as you go. One Home Solution is all about getting things done quickly and efficiently, so you've got more free time for what matters.

One Home Solution is the clear choice when it comes to reliable and affordable home maintenance. With its all-inclusive home coverage, professional staff and dedication to saving you time and cash we are changing the home maintenance game. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to the convenience and peace of mind we provide. Don't delay - join the smart homeowners just like you who have experienced the life changing value of a One Home Membership!

A chart comparing One Home to other home maintenance providers
See how One Home delivers the most value and services for Homeowners


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