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Ideas For Kid Friendly Spaces Inside Your Home

Your Guide to Creating Joyful Indoor Spaces for Children of All Ages

A child reading in her room
As children grow give them a space that matches their age & interests

The One Home team is about more than hammer and nails (though we love ourselves some construction!). We're about sculpting environments to help homeowners grow, adapt and spark joy inside the home.

As your companions on the exciting journey of home ownership, our job is to help you understand the necessary changes you'll need to make as your family grows and the requirements of functionality inside the home take on new shapes.

To help we've created a curated guide that covers a variety of updates, improvements and changes you can make to give your family the spaces they crave, for a wide range of ages, from early childhood to late teens - because your home isn't just a place; it's a canvas for evolving tales, boundless exploration and a sanctuary for memories.

Let's embark on our top ideas for kid friendly spaces inside your home, from Tiny Tots to Teens!


Tiny Tots (Ages 2-4): Colors, Textures and Safety

children playing with blocks
Hands on learning is a must as this stage

Step into the enchanting world of tiny tots, where safety and stimulation go hand in hand.Sensory elements and easy to clean up storage solutions are of the utmost importance as your energetic little ones (literally) bounce from project to project. One Home has you covered as you craft spaces to spark joy and ensure a nurturing, and safe, environment.

One Home Recommended Updates

  • Professional Childproofing Solutions: We've got safety in mind. Our team will help you with the latest in safety planning to ensure every corner is secured for safety without compromising aesthetics.

  • Expert Sensory Wall Installations: Enhance cognitive development with professionally installed sensory walls. Let our team build your children a wall they can interact with highlighting touch, feel and auditory engagement.

  • Customized Play Nooks: We can transform your unused spaces into cozy play corners with expertly selected soft elements.

  • Educational Wall Decals Installation: Foster creativity and early learning with professionally installed educational wall decals.

  • Safety Gates and Door Stoppers Installation: Strategically placed safety features for easy navigation, professionally handled by One Home Solution.


Playful Preschoolers (Ages 4-6): Interactive Elements & Organized Chaos

two young boys laughing in a bedroom
Open space for play is a benefit as your kids grow

Preschoolers thrive in organized chaos, and One Home Solution is here to turn that chaos into creativity you can manage. Let's explore how we can create magical spaces together for your growing and probably more rambunctious children!

One Home Recommended Updates

  • Themed Play Areas Construction: Designate play zones with themes that align with your child's interests, professionally crafted by One Home Solution.

  • Growth Chart Walls Installation: Track your child's growth with professionally installed interactive and decorative growth charts.

  • Flexible Storage Systems Setup: Optimize space with modular storage units, professionally installed to adapt to changing needs.

  • Art Display Walls: Showcase your little artist's masterpieces with professionally installed, easily switchable art display walls.

  • Adaptable Furniture: Invest in easily rearrangeable furniture, professionally handled by One Home Solution.


Energetic Explorers (Ages 8-10): Flexibility and Inspiration

Friends gaming on the couch
Deliver a safe space to gather with friends, it'll get used, we promise!

As your kids enter the age of energetic exploration, flexibility and inspiration become crucial. One day you'll need a creative space for cooperative play featuring board games and messy art supplies and the next they'll be kicking back gaming with friends. This age more than any requires spaces you can easily adapt to your child's (quickly) changing needs.

  • Reading Nooks Construction: Cozy reading corners designed for comfort and inspiration, crafted by the talented carpentry team at One Home.

  • Interactive Cork Board Installation: Let their little minds run free and give them a space to highlight all their growing areas of interest with professionally installed interactive cork wall.

  • Flexible Storage Solutions: Optimize storage with modular units that seamlessly evolve, all professionally handled by One Home Solution.

  • Technology Integration Assistance: Create tech-friendly spaces with adjustable mounts and charging docks.


Tween and Teen Retreats (Ages 11-18): Personalized Spaces for Independence

Teenage friends chatting on a couch
Give your teens a space for privacy and safety

Tween and teen years bring a desire for independence and personalization. One Home Solution is here to assist in crafting spaces that reflect the individuality of your growing teens.

  • Tech-Equipped Study Spaces Design: Dedicated study areas with tech-friendly desks, charging stations and comfortable seating are a must as school and independent learning take shape. We'll help you craft the perfect environment to promote focused learning!

  • Personalized Wall Murals Installation: Let your teen express their individuality with professionally installed, customized wall murals.

  • Smart Lighting Systems Enhancement: Enhance ambiance and productivity with smart lighting systems.

  • Multi-Functional Furniture Setup: Save space with furniture that serves multiple purposes, from hideaway stools to modular couches we have the insight to help you maximize space and visual interest in your teens spaces.

  • Closet Organization Systems: They are growing (by the day) and so it seems is their wardrobe! Optimize closet space with customized organizers, professionally planned and installed to accommodate evolving storage needs.

At One Home Solution, we believe every age is an opportunity for new adventures within the comfort of your home. Our age-specific home improvements not only save you time and effort but also ensure your spaces grow with your family.

As your dedicated home care partner we can't wait to turn your ordinary spaces into extraordinary memories that last a lifetime. After all, in your home, every age is a chance to create something beautiful.

Join One Home Today and experience the reliable, affordable and life changing value of having a caring and dedicated home maintenance provider at your finger tips.


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