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Winter Readiness in Utah

A Homeowners Guide To Preparing Your Home for Winter

Covered outdoor water spigot for winter
One Home will cover your outdoor faucets to prevent major damage.

At One Home Solution, we're all about embracing the elements & helping you turn your home into the coziest spot in the neighborhood. So, kick back, grab a warm cider and join us on a journey into November, where we're dishing out the insider's guide to winter readiness.

We get it – winter prep sounds like a serious affair, but we promise, it's more like a friendly get-together with your home. Picture a checklist that's less "to-do" and more "let's get me ready to keep you warm and cozy this winter."

We consulted the One Home Solution technicians, aka the wizards of home maintenance, and they shared their top November home maintenance checklist. It's a cheat code to making your home the go-to spot for chilly nights and frosty mornings. We're talking insulating pipes, giving outdoor faucets a winter wardrobe, making sure your boiler is the MVP of warmth, and giving the snow blower a pep talk – all in the name of making your home the coziest corner in the neighborhood.

So, as we tiptoe into November, let's dive into the warmth of winter readiness together. No complicated jargon, just good vibes and practical tips to make your home the ultimate winter retreat. Winter, we're ready for you, and with One Home Solution, so is your home!

Insulate Pipes: A Winter Blanket for Your Plumbing

The dropping temperatures can wreak havoc on exposed pipes, leading to potential freezing and damage. Our technicians advise wrapping your pipes in a snug layer of insulation. Jose R, one of our lead Technicians told us, “An un-insulated pipe exposed to chilly air is a disaster waiting to happen. Our team can perform this essential update, helping significantly to reduce the chance of a burst pipe!”

Winterize Outdoor Faucets: Safeguarding Your Exterior Plumbing

As winter approaches, it's crucial to protect outdoor faucets from the freezing temperatures. One Home Technician Enrique recommends a couple of important steps, “First we disconnect all hoses, drain them and help you store them for the winter. Then we add an insulation to shield, to the spigot, to keep the frost and snow off the fixture.” By safeguarding your outdoor plumbing you are giving your outdoor plumbing the best chance for a seamless transition into the colder months.

Boiler Service: Elevate Your Home's Heating Efficiency

Your boiler plays a crucial role in keeping your home warm during the winter. In November, our One Home Solution technicians advocate for a thorough boiler service. Andy, from our Operations team, shared his thoughts, “A thorough cleaning and inspection, including the components, paired with a full test and adjustment will provide optimal performance.” You know what homeowners love to hear about their furnace – optimal performance all winter long! Don't sleep on this essential, but often neglected task. The time to care for your furnace isn't when it breaks down but with consistent proactive service.

Snow Blower Tune-Up: Ready for Winter's Grand Entrance

Our experts recommend a yearly pre-season tune-up for your snow blower. While the snow may not have fully arrived, being prepared is key. A detailed multi-point inspection will ensure your snow blower is in top condition, ready to tackle whatever winter may bring. From replacing spark plugs, to double checking belts a full service across all the mechanical parts will go a long way toward a stress-free response once the storm cycles crank up in Utah. Nothing would be worse than missing a powder day on the mountain because you’re stuck with a broken snowblower!

By following this expert-recommended checklist, you're not just maintaining your home; you're creating a cozy sanctuary that will embrace you throughout the season. Stay tuned for more insights from our One Home Solution experts as we navigate the art of proactive home care. Winter is coming, but with our guidance, your home will be ready.


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